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Remembering WWII in Maritime Asia

On August 15, 2015, the world observes the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in the Pacific Theater. This edition of AMTI commemorates the conclusion of the conflict and its legacy for maritime Asia. Read special features on the strategic role that maritime Asia played for the victorious allies, including the […]

Airpower in the South China Sea

Airpower Projection Much attention has been paid to China’s new airstrip on Fiery Cross Reef. How does this runway compare to Malaysia’s on Swallow Reef, the Philippines’ on Thitu Island, Taiwan’s on Itu Aba, or Vietnam’s on Spratly Island? Below, explore infographics on each claimant’s airstrip size and the aerial operating range each enables. Watch […]

Dredging Up the Issues: S&ED Analysis Plus New Spratly Imagery

  Featured this issue CSIS’ Bonnie Glaser and Dr. Mira Rapp Hooper sit down to discuss the Strategic and Economic Dialogue with China. View exclusive new photos and analysis of Johnson South Reef and Fiery Cross Reef. View Updated Island Size Data.   Reflections on the Strategic and Economic Dialogue: An Interview with Bonnie Glaser […]

Shangri La Dialogue 2015

Shangri La Dialogue 2015 Explore key maritime security developments from the 2015 Dialogue.     Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense, United States Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s Saturday morning address was well-received by the Shangri-La audience. Carter’s speech included a strong stand against China’s building efforts in the South China Sea, and reaffirmed the United […]