Second Thomas Shoal Overview

Second Thomas Shoal

Second Thomas Shoal is a submerged reef located in the Spratly Islands. The Philippines first took possession of the feature in 1999. The Philippine outpost on Second Thomas Shoal is the BRP Sierra Madre, a Philippine Navy transport ship intentionally grounded on the reef and maintained by a contingent of marines. The Sierra Madre can be seen below in the detail gallery.
U.S. Board of Geographic Names: Second Thomas Shoal
China: Ren’ai Jiao, 仁爱礁
Philippines: Ayungin Shoal
Taiwan: Ren’ai Ansha, 仁愛暗沙
Vietnam: Bãi Cỏ Mây

Occupied by: Philippines
Legal Status: Low-tide elevation
GPS: 9° 43' 57" N, 115° 51' 51" E

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