Fiery Cross Reef Tracker

This gallery covers Chinese development at the newly reclaimed Fiery Cross Reef, which lies on the west side of the Spratly Islands.

Featured Facts

What's on Fiery Cross Reef right now?


Square meters reclaimed

3000m airstrip (under

Harbor large enough to receive tankers and major surface combatants (630,000 square meters)

Multiple cement plants

Multiple support buildings

9 temporary loading piers, one preexisting pier

Preexisting air-defense guns

Possible radar tower under construction

Possible gun emplacements x8

Preexisting anti-frogmen defenses

Preexisting communications equipment

Preexisting greenhouse

Helipad x2

Preexisting military facility

Preexisting pier

New multi-level administrative facility adjacent to airstrip

Lighthouse x2

Possible satellite communication antennas x10

PRC dredgers have created a land mass that spans the entire existing reef and is approximately 3,000 meters long and 200-300 meters wide. China is currently building an airstrip with an estimated final length of 3,110 meters, long enough to allow any PRC military aircraft to land. AMTI has obtained and released the first publicly available photos of this airstrip development. China has also begun development of port facilities which may be capable of docking military tankers. What will the implications of this development be for the region?

Click here to explore an in-depth interactive analysis of developments at Fiery Cross Reef.

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