Chinese-funded construction continues to transform Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base at a rapid pace, with major land clearing, a new pier, and several new structures completed in the last three months.

Twenty-eight acres of land, over 15 percent of Ream’s total land area, have been cleared in the center of the base since July. Construction is underway on the foundations for several new buildings. The massive clearing coincided with an August report by the Nikkei Asian Review that trucks loaded with dirt were seen lined up near the base, and that construction activities had caused an increase in traffic in surrounding Sihanoukville.

Construction on a new pier begun in June was completed in September. Barges seen at the pier in a September 23 image suggest it is being used to ferry in construction materials and equipment to relieve busy land routes. One clamshell dredger continues to operate offshore, deepening the harbor and indicating additional land reclamation may be in store.

Two new buildings and foundations for eight more are visible on the northern end of the base, where major land clearing occurred this summer.

New construction is also visible along the northeastern edge of the base, with the first structures beginning to populate regularly spaced clearings made earlier this year.

Finally, construction continues on several structures at the southern end of the base. Clearing for a road and possible fence along the base’s eastern perimeter has also been extended down to this area.