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AMTI has released never-before-published images of China's land reclamation efforts on Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands. These construction efforts appear to have begun in early 2015.

Featured Facts

What's on Mischief Reef right now?


Square meters of land reclaimed

Access channel

Fortified Seawalls

Temporary loading piers x9

Cement Plant x9

Pre-existing military facilities (2)

Preexisting shelter for fishermen

Possible satellite communication antennas x3

Mischief Reef falls within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, lying 129 nautical miles from Palawan. In relation to other Spratly features, the reef is 51 nautical miles (nm) from Nanshan Island, occupied by the Philippines, and relatively close to other island features claimed by Vietnam (57 nm), Taiwan (74 nm) and the PRC (62 nm). If Spratly features are excluded, the nearest land feature belonging to the PRC (Hainan Island) is 599 nautical miles away. Many have speculated that the by widening the entrance to the reef, China intends to create a naval base on the reclaimed reef. Click on an image to enlarge and read more information.

Click here to explore an in-depth interactive analysis of developments at Mischief Reef.

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